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Insane and Rational Minds - JLA Watchtower RPG
Insane and Rational Minds
Edward Nygma's been on his best behavior since being returned to Arkham - really, even before that. The officers who took custody of him after Batman dropped him off were surprised, no doubt, at his polite and apologetic demeanor. All an act? Perhaps .. but the surprise in everyone's eyes was a positive indicator that the act was going over well.

His current therapist was a clever sort, shrewdly looking for any hesitation in the sessions that might indicate fabrication of answers on the Riddler's part, but Edward had prepared his answers for the questions even before his escape, so they came to him readily enough.

You can't out-fox a fox, as they say.

Quite "spontaneously" at the session earlier this morning, the Riddler suggested he should write letters of apology to the victims of his crimes - and now he labors at that, granted permission by the staff at Arkham to use real writing utensils.

He never had been the sort to kill someone with a pencil, anyway.

There's one nagging thought that tarnishes his anticipation of being free and clear of Arkham and his criminal past once and for all, though.

What if he's actually cured?

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