Dinah Lance (_black_canary_) wrote in jla_watchtower,

Gotham City, the warehouse district

The first photo had been of Aurora, in chains, an inhibitor collar around her neck. The map on the back had led the Canary here.

The second photo had been of Billy Batson, one of those nasty little worms she'd heard about heading for his ear.

The third photo had caught her attention for another reason: Connor Hawke, being handed over to Roulette. The House. She could still taste the dust from that raid last year, when she and his father the Green Arrow (not Ollie--just think of him as the Green Arrow) had teamed up with Deadshot to get Connor out.

She left a brief message for Oracle, then started circling the warehouse, looking for guards, surveillance equipment ... anything that would interfere with her rescuing Aurora.
Tags: black canary, black knight one, fauna
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