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Navajo Nation - Arizona

As befitting the tradition of the groom’s people, the guests are assembled in a circle around a handmade clay tier. On this tier are baskets filled with flowers. One basket holds plants from his desert home. Another basket has more worldly flowers happily provided from a flower shop in Gotham. One holds blossoms from an island which has now disappeared away from Man’s World. The final and largest one holds a hodgepodge of plants - Tamaranean flowers share space with Atlantian seaweed and Mid-western wildflowers...white Themscyrian lilacs flank a small bouquet of orange roses named after a Wayne family botanist over a century ago. All are from gardens surrounding a tower in San Francisco which houses a family that the couple have fought with, beside, and sometimes even against but have always been a part of.

The groom, dressed in a red silk shirt and, out of respect for private memory, plain black silk pants stands...or rather fidgets...awaiting the bride. Even through all the battles, even through the challenges of Hades domain and the pair dying in one another arms, he’s still amazed he’s even here. His daughter is by his side, holding his sweating hand, swinging his arm, and smiling a smile so big it could swallow her face.

Roy Harper and Donna Troy began their relationship as their family - the Titans - began. Their fortunes rose and fell with the volatile team. Their relationship over the past 14 years has always been a potent mix of love, friendship, duty, humor, borderline insanity, and loyalty. For some, “Titans Together,” is a battle chant. To some it’s a homecoming and reminder there is a place for caped misfits and orphans to find themselves. To others, it’s a memory of youth and times past. To this pair, it’s a way of life and today just adds one more wrinkle to that statement.

Let’s begin...
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