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Hunting - JLA Watchtower RPG
Hitting the pavement, well the rooftops actually. It helps him think.

Moving from one shadow to the next, Tim uses the time to consider Batman and Nightwing's little interview with Icicle and Shrapnel. The infra-red recording of Mahkent during the interrogation had been informative and confirmed Tim's theory. Icicle's powers fluctuated when he lied. It made the playback review of the Q&A session a very interesting piece.

Icicle was small change in whatever was going on in Gotham however. Whoever he was answering to, they were careful and had done their homework. Their big advantage had been anonymity, and while their identities remained a question, their edge had now been eliminated. Their presence was now being factored in and it would only be a matter of time. So Robin was out to gather intelligence.

The excursion out to Gotham's rooftops and alleyways was a matter of patrol and ongoing training. A mugger here, car thief there, perhaps a cat burgler even, all of that was standard for the evening. The real research was happening invisibly. While Robin darted through Gotham's shadows, automated bots and search engines prowled the unseen byways of the virtual and electronic, collating and gathering specks of information as a web of finances, phone calls and fuzzy-logic 'guesses' were being compiled to reveal a better picture of their unseen adversary's movements.

In the meantime, there was Gotham and she needed his protection.
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