tempest_swims (tempest_swims) wrote in jla_watchtower,

Tempest hits the ground near the gods

(continued from http://www.livejournal.com/community/jla_watchtower/423725.html?thread=8627501#t8627501 )

Knocked from the perch shared by Hades, Terra and Jesse Quick, Tempest fell to the ground in a heap. His eyes blurred when he opened them and everything was tinted red. No faking this time, something was broken. He focused his eyes and saw the last thing he expected.

Sunglasses. He was near where the other gods sat. He mumbled through the pain, "Help us please! Take back your realm." As his eyes closed because of the pain the last thing he saw were the sunglasses. "God, you are beautiful."
Tags: ash, beast boy, cyborg, fauna, flash wally west, greek gods, green lantern hal jordan, hawkman carter hall, jesse quick, olympics, pharras, question, starfire, tempest, terra, troia
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