Garfield Mark Logan (gar_logan) wrote in jla_watchtower,
Garfield Mark Logan

Worst Nightmares.

After being briefed on events around the world, the number of dead and dying, and how the virus was manufactured to begin with, Gar leaves the Titans meeting early.

The rest of the meeting seems to be just the usual motivational speeches and the like, to inspire the team to roll with punches and keep on going, and the congratulatory speech for the efforts during the crisis.

But Gar, he can't hear a thing, and the silence is deafening.

His mouth has gone dry, despite his efforts to swallow away a lump in his throat that feels like it's the size of a golf ball.

His face is a shade of pale green, and he struggles to get back to his room steadily, grabbing the doorway as he stumbles.

Once inside, he falls onto the bed like someone just knocked him out.
Tags: beast boy, fauna, plague
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