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(Flashback) After the Party...

The euphoria is wearing off. Candles and cake provided by Wally and the Allens. Apartment across the street from Grant's Gym provided by her mentors in the JSA and the Dibnys. Furnishing provided out of the attics of just about everyone. Fridge stocked courtsey of the Garricks. Everything put together by Roy, who'd ducked out early for some reason. Probably hero business.

The best gift was the guys. Even Garth managed to make it away from Aquaman's watchful eyes for a day and even did the "showers on the hour every hour," so he could stay around. They'd all come in, offered their greetings and congratulations - and now they were gone again.

Don't think about that...just be happy they were here. That they care....

The party was the day before at this new place. Robbie said they'd investigated her soon-to-be roommate, Sharron. She was 3 years older, but was also just starting college, same as she would be. Sharron was also a visual artist major. Her stuff was in another room, but Sharron herself was set to arrive in about two weeks for check in and then off. Some sort of last minute school project then off to some summer job was what was going to be keeping her away. Might as well keep the place nice in the meantime.

Was it so bad of her to miss the Tower? To miss them already? She just stared at the papers in the middle of the mess. Emancipation...

Sweet sixteen and on her own. She'd prove she could handle it. She'd make them proud as a newly minted adult. It was a gift. Really.
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