doctor_destiny (doctor_destiny) wrote in jla_watchtower,

*Time in Arkham*

He missed having the Joker around. The guards always had nightmares when he was here. Even the madness of the inmates seemed a bit wilder.

It was so quiet.

For a while, he didn't care. The loss of Mother was terrible. It was months before he realized that she was just another dream. A dream of the ancient magic.


He really wanted a cookie, but the guards were so mean to him since the Flash brought him in. They quit injecting him as often. Now, he could sleep naturally and dream.

He wondered what others were doing....perhaps he could take a look.
Tags: arsenal, atom, catwoman, dark angel, detective chimp, dr. destiny, dr. light, fauna, flash jay garrick, flash wally west, green arrow connor hawke, green lantern hal jordan, green shield, hawkgirl, hawkman katar hol, hawkwoman, ibn al xu'ffasch, kathy duquesne, kip blackwell, lian harper, martian manhunter, plastic man, poison ivy, roxy ballentine, scarecrow, shade, starfire, sue dibny, troia, two-face
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