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Case files

She did not waste any time.

Dropping some classes was going to hurt, swtiching to on-line only classes and agreeing to fax and e-mail the lab work made her a little sad. Sure, she never had much for friends there, but "goodbye" was always hard to say, even if the place was unhappy.

And there already was arrangements to bring her "possessions" (all two boxes of them) from Gotham.

It made her gut sink. Someone had an awful lot of faith in her, but her faith in living up was a little shaky. your ties to Earth... She took a deep breath.

"Mission Logs," she said to the voice interface. "Clearance Fauna. Password Green-theta-one."

"Voice check confirmed. Loggin in as Fauna. Specify mission."

She bites her lip. "Begin at the beginning. What can you tell me about the five founders?"
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