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DC Comics Roleplay Community
This is an RPG community for DC Universe characters. If you're interested in applying, please see this OOC post. Pre-existing character journals available for adoption are noted in the 'Open Characters' list below.

Fellow comics fans are welcome to add the community to their friends list, but we'd prefer to restrict membership and posting privileges to characters in the RPG. You may also wish to join watchtower_fans if you're interested in leaving feedback for the players or learning more about the RPG.

We tag all posts with character names and/or storyline titles. For more detailed information on how our game's canon differs from DC's, please check out this post.

If you are interested in applying, most any character from the DC Universe can be played - provided someone isn't already playing them. Below is our cast list, followed by a partial list of characters who have previously had players, but are now open.

We are building a Wiki with information about the game, at jlawatchtower.wetpaint.com, but it is still very much a work-in-progress.



Amanda Waller im_not_singing
Ambush Bug the_ambush_bug
Arisia elfinlantern
Bane i_am_bane
Batgirl II able_cain
Batman gotham_gargoyle
The Beast [OC] teh_fuzzy_one
Blue Beetle azure_avenger
Calculator tx_instruments
Captain Boomerang II fast_thrower
Captain Marvel, Jr. king_marvel
Catman nynecrymes
Catwoman femme_du_chat
Citizen Steel citizen_steel
The Contessa contessaerica
Deathstroke deathstroket800
Dr. Leslie Thompkins lesliethompkins
Fire flame_of_green
Flamebird _bird_of_flame_
Flash (Jay Garrick) swiftjustice
Gorilla Grodd grodd_is_king
Green Lantern (Alan Scott) lanterns_light
Guy Gardner guy_lantern and lantern_guy
Harley Quinn har_le_quin
Hawkman I (Carter Hall) i_mace_u
Hourman II (Rick Tyler) miraclo3
Ice toraolafsdotter
Icicle cool_customer
John Constantine mucous_magus
Johnny Sorrow masks_we_wear
Kip Blackwell [OC] _kip_
Lady Shiva Wusan shiva_wusan
Lex Luthor man_of_stee_ll
Lois Lane pulitzerwinner
Malefic scourge_of_mars
Martian Manhunter j_onn_j_onzz
Mr. Terrific II jsaboss
Nightwing aflyinggrayson
Oracle themightyoracle
Phantom Lady II givesgoodcape
Robin tim_drake_robin
Sand firestorm09
Satanus the_demon_son
The Scarab bluebeetle3
Superboy krypton_or_bust
Superman superman_kal_el
Tobias Whale boss_whale
Wonder Woman spirit_of_truth
Zachary Zatara greatest_zatara
Zatanna zatanna_z

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